Bug with dumpster's zimbraDumpsterUserVisibleAge?

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Bug with dumpster's zimbraDumpsterUserVisibleAge?

Postby jobrien2001 » Mon Mar 27, 2017 12:42 pm


First of all I am on zimbra 8.75 on centos 7. I am not sure if this is a bug or I am doing something wrong.

My desired outcome is to have the user be able to recover mail within 1 day of deletion and admin to recover mail within 30 days. For testing purposes I am modifying the command to a shorter period so I can verify everything is working.

This command should let the user recover deleted email within 1 minute, if not it has do be done by an admin:

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zmprov mc default zimbraDumpsterEnabled "TRUE" zimbraDumpsterPurgeEnabled "TRUE" zimbraDumpsterUserVisibleAge "1m" zimbraMailDumpsterLifetime "30d"

What is actually happening (the problem):

1-User deletes email from trash and IS able to recover the email within 1 min (Working OK!)
2-Admin is able to see and recover mail within 1 minute through the command line (Working OK!):

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zmmailbox -z -m denisse.g@havenlegalservices.com s --dumpster -l 30 --types message larger:1kb

3-After 1 minute user is not able to recover email (Working OK!)
4-After 1 minute admin can no longer see the email available for recovery through the command line (NOT Working!)

I have followed Wiki steps to run a MYSQL command (during and after the 1 min period) and can confirm the email is there using the following command

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mysql -e "use mboxgroup11; select * from mail_item_dumpster where mailbox_id = 11\G;"

What am i doing wrong or is this a bug?

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