Zimbra + CalDAV + Outlook = Error 403

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Zimbra + CalDAV + Outlook = Error 403

Postby alien2108 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:27 am

Hey All!

We are using Zimbra 8.7.1GA1670 with Outlook CalDav Synchroniser to do sync of the Calendars over CalDAV. I did notice that Sync fails suddenly for some users with shared calendars with the following error in Zimbra:

dav - sending http error 403 because: Changing ORGANIZER of an appointment is not allowed: old='user@xxx.xx' new='new_user@xxxx.xx'

Now new_users@ has full access rights granted to the calendar of user@. I am not really sure why Organizer is being changed, but can I tell Zimbra somehow to allow that, since the user has full access rights anyhow?

I did notice a couple of other users had same issue in the past, bot no useful answer was found.

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