certificate globessl

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certificate globessl

Postby daemoncesar » Thu May 04, 2017 8:41 am

zimbra@sa:~/ssl/zimbra/commercial$ /opt/zimbra/bin/zmcertmgr deploycrt comm commercial.crt globeDV.ca-bundle
** Fixing newlines in 'globeDV.ca-bundle'
** Verifying 'commercial.crt' against '/opt/zimbra/ssl/zimbra/commercial/commercial.key'
Certificate 'commercial.crt' and private key '/opt/zimbra/ssl/zimbra/commercial/commercial.key' match.
** Verifying 'commercial.crt' against 'globeDV.ca-bundle'
ERROR: Unable to validate certificate chain: commercial.crt: OU = Domain Control Validated, OU = PositiveSSL, CN = saros.marte.net.br
error 20 at 0 depth lookup:unable to get local issuer certificate

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Re: certificate globessl

Postby Raun » Sat May 06, 2017 6:02 am

This error means the chain cert( intermediate+root CA) is broken / incomplete. Fix that first and you should be good to go.

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