How to monitor Zimbra using pflogsumm and NET-SNMP-EXTEND

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How to monitor Zimbra using pflogsumm and NET-SNMP-EXTEND

Postby jorgedlcruz » Mon Aug 14, 2017 12:20 pm

Hello everyone,
I've been working on a spare project using SNMP and Zimbra Collaboration. This project uses a modified version of the popular pflogsumm script to retrieve the Zimbra Collaboration email queues information and creates an output which we retrieve using the NET-SNMP-EXTEND, so we can monitor each sensor as an SNMP OID.

With this project you can monitor the Zimbra mail queues using the SNMP tool you prefer, on this example you can see a PRTG Map.


More information available in:

Zimbra Collaboration Performance
* Received Megabytes
* Delivered Megabytes
* Total Emails/received
* Total Emails/Delivered
* Total Recipients
* Total Senders
* Forwarded
* Deferred
* Bounced
* Rejected
* Held
* Discarded
* Domains Receiving Emails
* Domains Sending Emails

Coming next
This is just a v0.1 of this Dashboard, the next step will be to use the Zimbra SOAP API to obtain some extra information from the Zimbra Collaboration Environment, like:
* Number of Active Users
* Number of Inactive Users
* Number of Domains
* Number of Users with ActiveSync
* etc.

In next versions we will parse directly the logs and put the attempts of logins, and successful logins on a map.

As this is an open project, please feel free to share your ideas, feedback and if possible even help to make it better :) My MTA is really small, so I will appreciate a real feedback from a bigger MTA.

Thank you guys!

Jorge de la Cruz
Technical Marketing Manager at Zimbra/Synacor

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