Archiving frustration and enhancement request

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Archiving frustration and enhancement request

Postby bhwong » Tue Apr 03, 2018 2:47 am

This is enhancement request to the common frustration where new accounts are created without remembering to create their respective archiving accounts together, resulting in accounts not getting archived. And when you create archiving account after that, existing emails are not getting archived.

1. If we want all user accounts to be created with archiving accounts together, there should be an option to do this in the Class of Service to have archiving account created automatically.

2. If not, when creating an archiving account on existing account, there should be an option to ask if administrator also want existing emails to get archived into the archiving account, not just new mails.

3. There should be a easier and faster way to find out which account do not or no longer have their emails getting archived, without having to navigate into each account details one by one to check. An Archive Status under manage account that allow us to sort accordingly to their archiving status will help to root out those accounts easily.

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