Changing URL for Admin Console in web client

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Changing URL for Admin Console in web client

Postby cuoz » Thu Apr 19, 2018 4:11 pm

I have a new multi-server setup running 8.8.8 patch 1. The ldap and mailbox servers are on private lan and a private domain. Proxy and MTA servers are internet facing. I have configured reverse proxy so that I can access the admin console on port 9071, and this works if I browse directly to the correct URL. ex:

However, If I login to web client as a user with delegated admin rights for their domain, the URL generated by the web client is something like: (which does not exist from an internet point of view).

How can I set the web client to generate the URL that is accessible to the end user instead of the private URL?

I've been combing through the various config attributes here but have not found anything yet:

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