Ldap query for get domain name

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Re: Ldap query for get domain name

Postby pasbag » Wed May 23, 2018 5:34 am

L. Mark Stone wrote:I’ve never been able to place the jetty web ui components on server separate from mailboxd and have it work properly.

Plus, you are running Ubuntu 17, which is unsupported.

Since this is a lab environment, I would abandon it and then go with a more traditional and fully supported environment.

You may be trying to solve a problem that cannot be solved.

Regardless, you are spending a lot of time on a custom configuration that I don’t see has any benefits over a more standard configuration.

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Thanks. I separate server for security issue as well as when updating server UI to new version of ZCS, the mailbox server is run correctly without updating because the store of users higher than 300 GB and migrate from old server to new server has more down time. I think i must separate ldap server for updating issue.

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Re: Ldap query for get domain name

Postby L. Mark Stone » Wed May 23, 2018 10:45 am

It’s not necessary to separate Zimbra’s components for security reasons when you have good firewalling in front of the Zimbra server.

Since the system is now in production apparently you’ll need to add Zimbra servers to your farm, migrate mailboxes and roles accordingly, and then destroy the Ubuntu 17 servers.

The result will be a performant and secure system in a supported configuration.

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