Delete backup by date doesn't work!

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Delete backup by date doesn't work!

Postby masoumeh » Mon Jun 18, 2018 4:49 am

I want to delete backups hourly. So I did it by below pattern according to Zimbra wiki and document: Deletes the backups including and prior to the specified label,
date (YYYY/MM/DD[-hh:mm:ss])
I didn't find any example of date format for above pattern, so I tried many cases such as: zmbackup del 2018/06/17-12 or zmbackup del 2018/06/17-12:40:21 ,...
But didn't work any of them. What should I do if I want to delete backup hourly in crontab automatically. For example I need to delete a backup that is done 1AM and I want to remove it 8AM. It should be done every day...

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