Zimbra Docs General Usage Questions

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Zimbra Docs General Usage Questions

Postby cuoz » Tue Jul 17, 2018 5:34 pm

Hi All,
Just brought up Zimbra Docs on our network. It does seem to be running/working, but have some questions:
* Since it's in briefcase, it seems you have to create a folder and share it to your team first so everybody can see documents. Is this correct?

* When you create a new document, it seems to create it in the main briefcase folder and not the shared folder that I am currently browsing. I then have to save it and move it into the shared folder so others can see it. Shouldn't it create the new document in the current folder?

* How do you do collaborative editing? When I share out a folder and create a document in it (after dragging it in). When I edit it, the other users are not able to as the option is grayed out (disabled). I am under the impression that the documents can be edited by multiple users simultaneously, maybe I'm just misunderstanding. Can somebody confirm or deny this?

* We have not configured Zimbra Drive (backed by ownCloud) yet. When we do so, will Docs work on files in Drive as well?

Docs Admin Note:
* I saw there is a separate topic related to Docs showing not running is services status for admin gui. But I figure I would mention that here as well. It causes your overall server status on the home page to be Failed.


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