Now that PermSize is deprecated

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Now that PermSize is deprecated

Postby pup_seba » Wed Aug 29, 2018 7:22 am


One of the typical performance tunnings is modifying the PermSize from 128m to 196m. Some of us will just modify it to match the also defined MaxPermSize so in our java options we have:

Since Java 8, PermSize zone is deprecated in favor of Metaspace. 2 things with Metaspace is that by default it has no "max" value (so it could potentially drain our whole OS memory), and zimbra java options are currently not defining any max value for it. The other thing is that it does have garbage collection capabilities, which makes even more logical to define a max value to trigger the GC process in this memory metaspace.

Any ideas on this? I'm tempted to configure java_options to define a 350m both for size and max, but as I can't find any zimbra documentation saying anything about this setting since java 8, I would not know what to do.


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