Zimbra Open Source Support Experiences (paid support)

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Zimbra Open Source Support Experiences (paid support)

Postby PaperAdvocate » Tue Sep 11, 2018 5:14 am


I've had a longstanding issue that I couldn't figure out so I purchased a support contract for the Open Source Edition of Zimbra. The cost was a little over $1k which is a lot for me but I like Zimbra and thought it was time for me to stop being cheap, and I was tired of not sleeping since troubleshooting needed to be done at night... I don't like clients to pay for things that have no results so I paid for this myself believing that once the result was achieved I could bill the client...

The support interaction with Zimbra ended up being me sending logs 2 times then being told that it was a bug. I asked for more info on how this was determined or what the nature of the bug was but was given nothing else other than "it's in a que" that I can't see but that "I will be notified once it's updated". No visibility, no ETR, no indicator of where the logs showed that it could be a bug.

Given that this issue has been reported in 2016 and is still getting replies I have little hope that a resolution is going to be found without real attention: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=60903

This is my post of the issue: viewtopic.php?t=63221

So my question is, is there anybody that has paid Open Source Support that has gotten better results? If it is indeed a bug then great, but I don't like holding my breath when so many other forum posts show that support hasn't been able to find a solution. Now I'm being asked to accept a bug report with no visibility or ETR as a solution.

Is paid OSE support worth it or should I be looking for a VAR or similar to get my issue resolved?

By the way, I love Zimbra. As easy as Office365/Google Apps is, I'd still prefer to support clients with Zimbra.

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