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POP3 collector tool

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 5:00 pm
by Martinwiertz

I would like to know what best practice tool is used to retrieve POP3 from several mailboxes. I use FOSS 8.8.11 P3 and working with fetchmail. Due to changes in the hostingservice from my domain provider i think fetchmail cannot be used in the near future. I have to test but expect that i have to shift to another solution.

The change from the provider requires me to change the logon command:
* currently (Fetchmail config connects username and server together in de login string)
* future
Fetchmail login connects the email address and server together (like future) and this results in a login error.

I want POP3 via a fetchmail-like solution because the mail transfers to the SPAM-filter and other excellent security software services in Zimbra.

if possible I want the tool to retrieve POP3 with an SSLcheck included to be safer...

Please advice.