Backup Zimbra 8.6 prior upgrade.

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Backup Zimbra 8.6 prior upgrade.

Postby Marcosebas » Fri Apr 05, 2019 3:30 pm

Dear All,

Please, I have a ZCS 8.6 currently in production. I am in the process of starting the upgrade of the system to Zimbra 8.8. However, before proceeding with it I would like to take a backup for all the configuration of my Zimbra.

My Zimbra currently has 3 nodes: Mailbox, MTA and LDAP and are linked to a storage where all the data is located.

Waiting for your recommendations.



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Re: Backup Zimbra 8.6 prior upgrade.

Postby Klug » Sat Apr 06, 2019 9:50 am

Stop the services/VM.
Put the VM in a "non routed" VLAN and/or use firewall to prevent users to be able to access them.
Snapshot the VM.
Restart the whole thing (as Zimbra needs to be running to upgrade) and check everything is ok (you'll need to have a workstation in the same non-routed VLAN and/or allowed on the firewall).
Test, with users still unable to access the services.

If tests are ok: open the gates.
If tests or upgrade fails: revert to previous snapshot and stay on 8.6 until you found out how to upgrade (and 8.8.x is usable).

If you have enough space available, you can clone you VM to new ones (in a non-routed VLAN) then snapshot the clones then try to upgrade the clones.
If things go wrong, you'll be able to deal with the clones and try things. And/or open tickets (if you're a NE users) so support can dig into the issues.

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