Disposable Email Accounts

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Disposable Email Accounts

Postby tonyg » Thu Apr 18, 2019 12:15 am

I use commercial services for disposable email accounts (also called 'anonymous'). This is for personal, legitimate usage, not for spam, abuse, avoiding responsibilities, or other nefarious purposes.
Examples: At the consumer store for goods or services they may ask for an email address. Every website wants an email address for verification. I occasionally make inquiries with new companies and I'm not yet comfortable sharing my real email addresses.

  • Ability to create a new address on the fly.
    Example1: With a SMS request or web service call from a mobile app (Tasker, etc) we can just request a new address. The server will generate and return a new account ID based on a defined pattern. It could be something like 98g7dfdfs@ mydomain.foo or smiles_for_tonyg@.
    Example2: I'm in the local FooBar Food store where I want to enter a contest. I give them foobar@ mydomain.foo. On receiving a mail with that address, the server then creates the new alias on my standard profile.
  • Ability to change the From and Reply-To.
    Example: An email comes in to foobar@ mydomain.foo. The server forwards it to tonyg@ my_other_domain.foo. I get it there and reply. It goes to the Reply-To address which is my server. The inbound address is recognized, paired with my From address. The From is changed to "foobar" (recognized by the recipient) and the Reply-To is changed to my foobar address. In this way the other party never sees my actual address.
  • Ability to filter text in the body of the above messages that I send through the server.
    Example: I get an inbound mail, and reply, accidentally adding a signature with my real name or address. The server should do a text replacement of recognized strings to prevent my true identity from leaking out.
All of these features (and much more) are available in dedicated services.

Is anyone aware of Zimbra-based code/zimlets/projects that facilitate this usage pattern?
Is anyone here using Zimbra like that?

I know how to create accounts and aliases from the command-line. And I can process inbound web service requests. So I think the only initial research I will need to do is related to the forwarding, redirection, and filtering/replacement of text.

Anyone want to collaborate?
Would anyone be interested in sponsoring development? Otherwise this might only be done as time permits, over a long period of time, and with no guarantee of FOSSing.


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