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Zimbra unstable after rsync migration

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2019 5:04 pm
by apiening
Hi there,
since my server has being compromised by CVE-2019-9670, I did an upgrade to 8.8.12.GA.3794 and migrated my mail server to another server with a clean install with the same version based on this guide: ... ion_steps_:

I followed the "rsync migration steps" and ended up with a working installation: I can send and receive emails, create new accounts etc.
However, I noticed after a few hours the service status in the administration panel marked several services as failed (see
I also checked the status with `zmcontrol status` but everything looked fine:

Code: Select all

   amavis                  Running
   antispam                Running
   antivirus               Running
   dnscache                Running
   ldap                    Running
   logger                  Running
   mailbox                 Running
   memcached               Running
   mta                     Running
   opendkim                Running
   proxy                   Running
   service webapp          Running
   snmp                    Running
   spell                   Running
   stats                   Running
   zimbra webapp           Running
   zimbraAdmin webapp      Running
   zimlet webapp           Running
   zmconfigd               Running

The mail server was fully functional at this point in time. Sending, receiving and using the web interface went flawlessly.
Several hours later the mail system stopped working. Even connecting via IMAP failed.

In my `/var/log/mail.err` I can see several errors:

Code: Select all

zmmailboxdmgr[30347]: no manager process is running
postfix/postqueue[31394]: fatal: Queue report unavailable - mail system is down
zmmailboxdmgr[32064]: no manager process is running
zmmailboxdmgr[32106]: no manager process is running
zmmailboxdmgr[32193]: no manager process is running
zmmailboxdmgr[32210]: no manager process is running
zmmailboxdmgr[32227]: no manager process is running
zmmailboxdmgr[32606]: no manager process is running
zmmailboxdmgr[4803]: manager process 32618 could not died in 60 seconds
zmmailboxdmgr[5313]: no manager process is running
zmmailboxdmgr[5337]: no manager process is running
(I removed the timestamp and host from the log entries)

After a `zmcontrol restart` everything is working again. But I need to do this 1-2 times a day when I notice that the email system is down again.

Even though I tried to follow the guide as strict as possible, I can't eliminate the chance that I did missed something since the guide says 'Change any other settings on the new server to match the configuration on the original server.' and there are a lot of options.

Did anyone run into similar issues or can someone give me a hint how I can track this error?

Kind regards