Ajax Webmail Strange Behavior - 8.8.10_P8

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Ajax Webmail Strange Behavior - 8.8.10_P8

Postby guitardood » Fri Jul 12, 2019 4:07 pm

Hello All,
I had a user come to me this morning with a strange issue. She us using Chrome on WIndows 7 with the Ajax client and is set to conversation view.

For one contact, and only this contact, if she scrolls to a particular message in the conversation and then uses the reply-all button that materializes when you hover the bottom of the message, types in a response and hits send, Zimbra is sending a blank message. No signature, no copy of message being replied to and none of the text she typed in the reply-to box. She uses Zimbra in this way, to multiple people, multiple times a day without issue, except for this one particular contact's emails.

I have absolutely no idea where to even begin debugging/fixing this. If anybody has an idea what may be causing this and any possible workaround they'd be willing to share, it would be very greatly appreciated.


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