CGI-BIN on zimbra apache

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CGI-BIN on zimbra apache

Postby APerillo » Thu Aug 15, 2019 1:27 pm


I'm trying to integrate GNU mailman to zimbra. Everything looks fine during the installation but when I enter the URL to the mailman admin page it downloads the cgi-bin file instead of run it. I run the bins via console and it shows an html text (in other words, a browser page):

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Content-type: text/html

<title>Mailman CGI error!!!</title>
<h1>Mailman CGI error!!!</h1>
The Mailman CGI wrapper encountered a fatal error. This entry is being stored in your syslog:
Group mismatch error. Mailman expected the CGI wrapper script to be
executed as one of the following groups:
but the system's web server executed the CGI script as group: "root".
Try tweaking the web server to run the script as one of these groups:
or re-run configure providing the command line option:

(The shown error is because i'm running the bin as root and my root is not in the apache group)
The question is:

¿What can I do to activate or install cgi-bin module on the zimbra apache?

I have ZCS 8.6 on CentOS 7.

Thanks and best regards.

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Re: CGI-BIN on zimbra apache

Postby imanudin11 » Sat Aug 17, 2019 1:17 pm

Please try workaround from this link: ... -zimbra-8/

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