zimbra SNI - multiple Certificates and domains

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zimbra SNI - multiple Certificates and domains

Postby pgeschke » Thu Sep 05, 2019 9:20 am

Hey everyone.
I setup my server (8.0.9_GA_6191.FOSS) with a hostname and a commercial certificate.
In this example im using:

zimbra.host.name - Zimbra hostname the machine was initially installed with
virtual.host.name - Hostname i want to add to the machine - pubic IP

The goal is to have the server listen to requests for 2 domains and to actually also deliver their respective ssl certificates.

Then i followed these instructions and added another virtual domain + the respective certificate.


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zmprov md zimbra.host.name zimbraVirtualHostName virtual.host.name zimbraVirtualIPAddress


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zmprov gd zimbra.host.name zimbraVirtualHostName
# name zimbra.host.name
zimbraVirtualHostname: virtual.host.name

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zmprov gd zimbra.host.name zimbraVirtualIPAddress
# name zimbra.host.name

I previously added the certificat to the DB with the correct virtual.host.name.

Now when I

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/opt/zimbra/libexec/zmdomaincertmgr deploycrts
No domains returned by zmprov getAllReverseProxyDomains.
Consider setting zimbraVirtualHostname.

I get this result, even though zimbraVirtualHostname is clearly set.
Where an I going wrong?

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