Split Domain - Don't work

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Split Domain - Don't work

Postby xanio » Mon Dec 02, 2019 3:40 pm

After two weeks of testing, finding no solution, I try to write here.
I have my main server managed by a third party, which allows you to use Ssmtp ONLY via SSL / TLS, with username and password and port 465.
In the company I have installed a mail server with zimbra, where I have to replicate only some mail accounts.

I set up the zimbra server and everything works perfectly, send and receive fetchmail retrieve emails from the main server and deliver them to local mailboxes.
The problem arises when I have to send an email to a box in the same domain, which is not present on zimbra but only on the main server, in fact this returns me back with the error that the box does not exist.

For this configuration I followed the "split-domain" guide, but the problem is that from that moment I can no longer send mail even to the boxes that exist internally on zimbra.

The mistake that I find is

Code: Select all

status = deferred (temporarily suspended delivery: Cannot start TLS: handshake failure)

Can you help me or give me some tips?

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