Increase IMAP timeout?

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Increase IMAP timeout?

Postby sononaco » Sat Jan 04, 2020 12:22 am

I’m fetching email on a Zimbra install. There is only one domain and one account on the server so resources are not (much of) a concern. The server is mirroring an Exchange account with ImapSync running after each subsequent run.

Email is being fetched from another application via PhpImap and the server times out and drops the connection after 60 seconds.

I have tried changing the imap_max_idle_time setting from 60 to 3600 and “zmcontrol restart“ but it’s still timing out after 60 seconds.

Can anyone suggest an alternative setting or something I am overlooking? I’m using the Community server latest version (8.8.x) on CentOS 7.

Thank you in advance. Please forgive any mobile swipe errors.

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