Reinstall on top of existing installation?

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Reinstall on top of existing installation?

Postby tonyg » Thu Aug 13, 2020 11:02 pm

Since my OS update blew up and destroyed my Zimbra installation, I've determined that the only option to recover data May be to reinstall on top of the existing installation. The system is a mess. Folders and files are randomly missing from /opt/zimbra.

Would I be able to get a clean installation by deleting the /opt/zimbra folder and then doing a reinstall, probably now with the Zextras installer?

Where exactly is all of the mailbox data? Is any of it in the /opt/zimbra tree?
Rather, I don't care about mail items, or .config files. Right now I'm just interested in accessing the domain/user/alias data.
Ideally I'd like to export that all into a text/CSV file.

I've tried zmprov and other commands. There are underlying Java JARs that are missing. I've recovered what I can but just replacing the files in this environment doesn't seem to restore the functionality.

If there is no way to export the email account data, I'll admit defeat and start everything from scratch.

If this were a full production installation I would have taken better care of it. :)


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