mail clients are very unstable

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mail clients are very unstable

Postby zimbrauser » Tue Sep 01, 2020 8:47 am

Set Zimbra 8.8.15 FOSS.
400+ accounts, 8CPUs, 24GB RAM.
We use Outlook (2010, 2013, 365), Thunderbird, Mail on MacOS.
For some users, everything works, but for the majority, everything does not work well - it does not connect the first time, does not send or download mail, it works today, tomorrow they write to me that the mail client is not working.
I delete and re-create the mailbox in my mail client - sometimes it gets better.
CPU and RAM resources are not fully utilized, there is a margin.
Increased zimbraImapMaxConnections for IMAP to 2500 - it did not help (Zimbru did not restart). There are few connections to the audit.log from the mailbox.
At the same time, the web works well - letters are sent / received without problems.
Mail migrated using Imapsync.
In most cases, problematic mailboxes are 5-15GB, but this is not a very large size, this is hardly a problem.
We switched to Zimbra the other day. Maybe, of course, thromtosis due to the fact that many clients simultaneously synchronize what is on the server with what is in the mailbox, but I don't believe in it
Please, help)

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