Missing "Add to Calendar" action link for VCS attachment

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Missing "Add to Calendar" action link for VCS attachment

Postby Al-MacLean » Wed Sep 23, 2020 11:13 am

I had a user ask about a VCS file they had received recently and "how to open it". Quick check to remind myself on the file-type indicated it's another version of a calendar invite (like ICS).

In my view of the message (forwarded to me), Zimbra displayed an "Add to Calendar" action link, beside the regular "Download" and "Remove" action links.

However, the original recipient doesn't. We are both using Firefox (on Windows 10 Pro) - our server is currently ZCS OSS 8.7.11_3822 on Ubuntu 14.04LTS. I went through the Admin web-console (using Opera/Chrome) to View Mail and confirmed this action-link was not being displayed for the original recipient.

I checked the COS settings between our accounts - nothing significantly different that I could see for anything Calendar-related (other than choice to view the mini-calender). And I couldn't see anything relating to controlling this type of action being displayed or not.

I checked Windows settings for default apps to extensions (even though this should have no relevance). If I choose the "Open"/Download option, VCS is set to open with Outlook on my PC - although we don't use Outlook it at all, and downloading the VCS wouldn't add it to user calendar (at least, not without setting up Outlook via IMAP or similar).

So I wondered if it could be browser+user-specific, in that I have granted FFox to be default handler for "mailto:" links. But I don't recall anything ever being asked about ICS/VCS attachments?

I managed a workaround by adding myself as Manager to the user's Calendar share properties and then adding the vcs item to her calender from my copy of the message - but this is not a sustainable/scalable solution.

Can anyone suggest what might be at play here to cause our browser-based features to be different?

Thanks in advance,

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