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Postby pieroandreini » Tue Mar 02, 2021 8:17 am

We recently updated Zimbra from version 7 to 8.8.15 we need to share some calendars. At the time of installing version 7 we had changed some accounts using the following command:
zmprov ma userxx@zimbra.companyname.com zimbraMailCanonicalAddress commerciale@companyname.com
as some employees were not careful and sent messages to external recipients with the internal address.
After the 'update we realized that this setting creates two problems: the first it is impossible to send messages to users userxx@zimbra.companyname.com, the second is that it is impossible to share a calendar to them as they receive the invitation on commerciale@companyname.com as external guests
We are also willing to go back to the initial situation, when users had to be careful to select the correct account for sending emails, but which is the correct procedure?

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