Add Img to Document Holder for all users

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Shiva Narayanin
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Add Img to Document Holder for all users

Postby Shiva Narayanin » Thu Mar 04, 2021 10:30 am

Hi guys,

I'm struggled with one problematic which is very urgent to resolve. It's about a unique signature for all user according to a graphic chart and a specific logo to use.

We have created a specific form to all users, they have to enter in a form their informations (Name, Surname, Service, Function, Phone number) then it generates the signature according to the new graphic chart. The problem concern the icon of the company that will not paste in signature.
The form generate an Html code to past in signature field in Zimbra (SourceCode). All the code works, we just don't know how to make the image reachable for Zimbra.

So 2 way possible atm as I see :
_Add the image into all users document holder then they use it.
_Use a good link into our Zimbra Server or Online

So can you guys give me a hand please ? :)

Zimbra version : 8.6.0_GA_1178.NETWORK
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Re: Add Img to Document Holder for all users

Postby matheus2610 » Thu Mar 11, 2021 5:23 pm

I'm having the same problem, but I'm using these links as a reference, if it helps you and then you can help me. ... no-zimbra/

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