Virtualized environment with different ip class not see themselves

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Virtualized environment with different ip class not see themselves

Postby ultrazone » Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:27 pm


I need your help to make this VMware scenario to work:
Server 1: Windows 2008 configured with AD, DNS, and DHCP. 2008 Server distributes ip to stations in the same subnet (network configured on the VM as NAT)

Server 2: Linux (CentOS 6.2) with Squid 3.1 Transparent Proxy with authentication by Kerberos (eth0 configured on the VM as NAT and eth1 configured as host only)
Server 3: Linux (CentOS 6.2) where I want set to use as server Zimbra email. (Network set to host only)
Configuring IP / DNS / GW:
2008: DNS: GW:
Proxy: eth0: MASK: DNS: GW: | eth1: MASK: DNS: GW:
Zimbra: eth0: MASK: DNS: GW:

1) I need to see the Zimbra, Proxy server and distribute it to the internet (I don't know how to do)

2) II need Zimbra server get access internet and be able to see the proxy server
Note: The proxy server is already with internet access, as configured with the gateway and included in this AD and DNS Zone.
Does have this environment work?? All environment is on virtual machine (VMware 9). My problem is with Zimbra, according to a tutorial I saw the zimbra must be configured with Public ip, but in this tutorial the author used a "fake" ip ( to simulate a environment virtualized).
NOTE: The selinux and iptables on Linux servers are disabled.

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