ZCA8, LVM, and Multiple Datastores

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ZCA8, LVM, and Multiple Datastores

Postby cavj1 » Mon Mar 18, 2013 2:50 pm

So we are running ZCA8.0.2 right now. I want to add additional space to my system for e-mail storage. The problem is I don't have additional space in the current data store. I assume I have two options:
1. Down Zimbra and change datastores

2. Add an additional disk from a different data store (if doable).
Option 2 is what I am unsure of. I'm not sure if adding a new disk from a different data store will cause any issues or if it will just look like another disk to ZCA. Has anyone done this? Have any recommendations?


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ZCA8, LVM, and Multiple Datastores

Postby pup_seba » Mon Oct 13, 2014 10:18 am


This is an old question so you probably already worked it out. In any case, I will try to answer for other people reference.

1. This is one way to do it.

2. It is doable. In vSphere (I assume you are using that hypervisor) you can have disks from different datastores.

In case you are using LVM, you will just have to add that extra space to the logical volume. In case you are not using LVM (as the title sugets), you could for instance: Mount a new disk in your VM - Use that disk as an HSM store

You can also, mount a new disk in your VM - Use that disk as a secondary store in which case the information there will get "frozen" and all new info will be written in your secondary store.

Other thing you could do is to create a new VM, and deploy Zimbra in it. The just add that Zimbra to your current architecture and balance mailboxes among the two Zimbra VMs. This is known as horizontal grow and it is one of the main characteristicts in Zimbra.

There are other ways, but these would be my top list.

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