OSS vs. Network - Different situation

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OSS vs. Network - Different situation

Postby urbanX » Thu Aug 26, 2010 3:36 pm

[quote user="8141Klug"]You did not read me correctly.

I told you to get informations about the "certified partner solution", not "Zimbra Mobile".
BTW, this was my last post on this troll thread.[/QUOTE]
wow. troll? i think he was very patient and straightforward about how the issue effected him. however, i think your last post was incredibly insulting, and if you go back to the post you reference, the link you posted actually does point to "zimbra mobile" (a page that has nothing about "certified partner solution" on it).
however, my intention is not to turn this thread flamey (and i apologize if i came across that way in my first paragraph). I've spent a bunch of time attempting to deal with funambol or z-push, and thought that it would be awesome to be able to purchase zimbra mobile as an add-on. with that in mind, i searched the forums and came up with this thread. it was interesting til the last comment, which quite honestly offended me.
that aside, i'm really posting because i can't find anything about the "certified partner solution" that you mention, and was hoping you could explain that concept further, or provide a link with more information on it.
thank you very much for your assistance,

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OSS vs. Network - Different situation

Postby dwill » Tue Aug 31, 2010 3:56 pm

Man - you brought the dead back to life on this one :-) Most likely apparent from numerous other posts, but in the end I ended up with Network Edition and Zimbra Mobile and haven't looked back. I was happy with the price-performance ration 4 years ago when we did it and it has done nothing but improve and expand since. As an enterprise company, I always get a chuckle when comparing licensing costs with the 4 other companies running Exchange in the enterprise. I was tasked with presenting to the BOD on one occasion as 95% of my data center is now running FOSS. Although Zimbra Network & mobile isn't free, it was the star of the show and there will be converts as a result of the functionality and ease of administration. As for Klug's comments - he was one of the few respondants and did try to help. Look at the entirity and not just a single post. I've also found several of his other posts quite helpful while digging for info on these forums and hope that I have reciprocated in kind to others. As for choosing whether or not to hold out on the paid features of Zimbra - You won't be dissapointed and will most likely avoid 3rd party upgrade/compatibility issues.

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