question about imap's AUTH=X-ZIMBRA

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question about imap's AUTH=X-ZIMBRA

Postby sunqiang » Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:05 pm

from docs/pop-imap.txt, it seems there is a AUTH=X-ZIMBRA support for imap access:


for Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)
Also support AUTH=X-ZIMBRA:

Initial (and only) SASL response is identical to that of AUTH PLAIN, except that X-ZIMBRA takes a valid Zimbra auth token

as the password (e.g. "authzid^@authcid^@authtoken"). The authtoken must match authcid, and then the normal authorization

check is made for authzid with the caveat that admin access is granted only if the supplied authtoken is an admin token.


though, after login with python's imaplib, there is no AUTH=X-ZIMBRA in CAPABILITY
So I want to know how to enable AUTH=X-ZIMBRA and is there further information to expand on how to use AUTH=X-ZIMBRA?


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