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Group Task

Postby manfred.gipp » Tue Apr 04, 2017 9:37 am

Is it possible to devolop a Group Task? An extension for the Tasks.

One Person creates a Task
The Task is created like a Mail. With Receiver is a Person or a Group.
Subject is the Title of the Task
Body is the Description of the Task.
Copy Receiver (cc) could be a Person or a Group who gets the Task optional.
Blind Copy Receiver (bcc) could be a Person or a Group who gets this Task informational. They do not have to do anything.
This Group Task is created like an Calendar-Invitation. The Receiver can accept the Task or can delegate the Task.
Everyime the Creator of the Task is Informed within the Task.
If the Receiver of the Task accepts the Task, the Task is created in the Peronal Task-List.
It the Receiver of the Task marks the Task as completed the Creator of the Task is informed with a Mail.
The Completion of a Task is seen in the Task of the Creator like the Calendar-Planner. The Receiver-Person is listed and right beside is a hook to indicate the Completion of the Task. The color of the Task could be inform if the Task is overdue.
All this can be solved with Mails and Calender-Invitations.

If a Task has a Beginn-Date it would be nice to see this Task in the personal Calendar.

This would be a nice feature which helps to use Zimbra in large environments.

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