Delegated Account Recovery

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Delegated Account Recovery

Postby 10539yutaka » Sun Jun 18, 2017 4:32 am

I have just posted an enhancement request;
Bug 108049

It is about "Delegated Account Recovery" which is originally proposed by facebook. ... 2090271267

As you can see in Bug 108049, a little bit more background is like this;
"Account Recovery" is common problem for most online services.
When users forget their own passwords and lose access to their own account, "Account Recovery" make it possible to regain that.

"Account Recovery" are usually implemented with recovery questions or sending a link to your email or sending a security code to your SMS.
"Delegated Account Recovery" could allow you to choose an alternative method with third-party web site as Recovery Provider.

I think this is pretty much interesting protocol. If you feel so too, please vote for Bug 108049. :)


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