Missing calendar events

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Missing calendar events

Postby jmckay123 » Thu Jul 26, 2018 10:06 pm

I maintain software that reads Zimbra calendar events via the SOAP API. Generally this works well but
I have one customer where we seem to not get all calendar events. In a particular test account, I call
the "GetFolderRequest" operation, and receive a json file that shows several folders, one of which is
"Calendar" (the only one of view "appointment"). It has a "n" value of 7 (entry count), and "id" = 10.
Next, I execute the "SearchRequest" operation. I use a query field set to "inid:10", the range
is set to type=appointment. This returns a json file in which 6 events are listed. Why don't I have
7 events here?

Now, I can download the user's calendar to an .ics file. There I see the missing event. It is a recurring
event with lots of deleted dates plus additional .ics entries that represent altered data for certain
instances. So why don't I get this in my SOAP API request? Is the event too complicated to be handled
by the SOAP API? What am I doing wrong, or missing? Is there some other way to obtain the list of
events in an appointment folder?

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