zimlet trigger

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zimlet trigger

Postby jerryboi » Thu Feb 03, 2011 8:56 am

In the feature list I found the feature "Content recognition and Zimlet trigger":Ability to recognize content patterns (e.g. dates, phone numbers) in mailbox items and to trigger a Zimlet(s) based on that content
What I am trying to achieve is this: Notify a distrib list about a document recently added to the shared briefcase and then have a zimlet customize the document on a user by user basis and save the customized version in their private briefcase. I understand that this requires that the user logs in through the AJAX client and receives the notification email there. My (first) questions regarding this would be

1) where do I find documentation on how to implement Zimlet Trigger


2) how do I make sure that the trigger email gets to the ajax client and does not get erased by POP/IMAP?

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