Switch Identity when composing email

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Switch Identity when composing email

Postby g.tsankov » Mon Apr 03, 2017 12:51 pm

Hi guys,

I am writing a zimlet which needs to switch the identity (from field) when a email is composed and populate the other fields if neccessary. I've managed to populate the fields, but switching identities doesn't seem to work.
The code I am trying to execute is:

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var composeView = appCtxt.getCurrentView();
var val = composeView.identitySelect.getOptionWithValue(from);


But this code does not seem to work.
I have also tried using the

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, but with limited success, as it gives out errors and opens a context menu somewhere in the screen.
I have also tried to change the accountName using the Compose Controller but that will send an email on behalf of the account that i wish, which is not desired in my case.

Can you guys help me out switching that value?


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Re: Switch Identity when composing email

Postby g.tsankov » Tue Apr 04, 2017 7:31 am

One way I managed to solve this today was by getting the option that i needed from the identitySelect, clearing all its options and then appending the value that is needed:

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var identitySelect = appCtxt.getCurrentView().identitySelect;
var val = identitySelect.getOptionWithValue(from);


Probably there is a better way, feel free to post other solutions.

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