Get a primary key for Contacts

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Get a primary key for Contacts

Postby Ltbpv » Mon Jan 25, 2021 7:10 pm

Good Evening everyone, i'm currently modifying the Birthday Reminder Zimlet and among all the modifications, i'm trying to avoid double birthday events (if you add someone's birthday event manually, the Zimlet should not propose this contact in his automated list when using the Zimlet scan to automatically create reminders).

Therefore i was thinking about creating like a list of the contacts already processed, and then compare the current contact to the contacts in this list. I was asking myself which primary key could fit to make a contact unique. Does contact have an ID or some like ? If yes, does anyone got an idea on how to get it ? If not, any other idea that could work as a primary key ?

Thanks for the advises, appreciate it !

EDIT : Okay i discover that every contact has an ID accessible, so i answered my own question but come with others. Does anyone know why can we declare a global variable in a Zimlet JS code ? I tried to declare one for this modification, but the Zimlet then does not work anymore...

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