Thunderbird - duplicate emails

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Thunderbird - duplicate emails

Postby ErikPatrikPittaluga » Tue May 29, 2018 7:27 pm

Hello guys,

Recently an email sent to several distribution lists configured in Zimbra, what happens is that in Thunderbird, the same always lowers the same message and not for more (duplicates). New emails are not being downloaded because of this situation.

- I already cleared the queue of emails.

I can not tell if it's a problem with Zimbra or Thunderbird. This problem occurs only in mail accounts configured as POP.

How can I resolve this situation? And why does this situation occur? Is there any command in Zimbra or method to stop such downloads in Thunderbird? Or is it something set up in Thunderbird? I also note that it is marked not to leave copies on the server.

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