Zimbra 8.8.6 with Thunderbird

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Zimbra 8.8.6 with Thunderbird

Postby giovannicarcasci » Fri Aug 24, 2018 10:16 am

Hi, we just migrated from Ms Exchange/Outlook to Zimbra and we are evaluating a proper desktop client.
Firstly we tried with Zimbra Desktop that it is very limited compared to the Outlook client and little followed by the parent company, so we decided not to use it anymore.
At this moment we are testing the Thunderbird client, but also in this we are experiencing problems:

- when we open 1 session, the CPU of the Zimbra server goes from 35% to 45%, and when we open 3 at the same time, the same CPU reaches 90%, slowing down the work of all the other colleagues that access via the web.

Is this normal?

- working all on Windows 10 terminals, we have configured every Zimbra user with external LDAP on the Windows 2008 DC, also linking it to the Global Address List.

We can not hook this Global Address List to Thunderbird clients, do you have any suggestions?

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