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Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 5:30 am
by angelflow
I want to begin by saying I have no idea what "Zimbra" is and I have read posts on this site about the problem I am having and didn't understand the answers that were given or what was going on and some of the answers had a hostile feel to them, accusing a poster of not reading the solutions that had been offered already (which, as I said, I did not understand). I am only here because last evening I was sitting and right in the middle of writing an email, all of a sudden, the page started to do something and


Problem accessing ZCS upstream server. Cannot connect to the ZCS upstream server. Connection is refused.
Possible reasons:

upstream server is unreachable
upstream server is currently being upgraded
upstream server is down

Please contact your ZCS administrator to fix the problem.

Powered by Nginx-Zimbra://

appeared on the page. I figured it would be gone by the next morning. But no. I still cannot access either of my two main email accounts, because they are using this "Zimbra" thing and I can't even get to the login page of either of those accounts.

The error message says to "contact my ZCS administrator" to fix the problem. Well, I don't have a ZCS administrator and I don't know what "ZCS" is. I only found this forum by searching with the error message. I actually had to use my "junk" email account to make an account on this site. So I am screwed if I can't get into my email soon. I am desperate!

I have had had problems accessing my main email accounts quite frequently and often it leaves me thinking about ditching both of those email accounts, both of which use this "Zimbra", whatever it is, and finding a reliable solution for my email. This is the only time I've been denied access to my accounts that I've been able to find what I think is the source of the problem - Zimbra.

The support people of the company who I purchased the email addresses from always seem clueless and have never helped at all. My email access just magically disappears and then reappears, sometimes it can take a whole week. Meanwhile, I go into a panic trying to figure out how to communicate with the people who are trying to communicate with me and me with them.

I would be grateful for any non-hostile help or guidance that will enable me to get my email access back asap. Thanks!


Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 5:46 am
by phoenix
Zimbra Collaboration Server is a piece of software that companies install to send & rreceive email and provide 'collaboration' services for their users. Having said that you haven't said who is actually providing this email service for you and the 'administrator' mentioned in the posts is usually the person that maintains the software and resolves problems for the userrs.

The problem here is that we can't help you as we have no access to the Zimbra server and therefore no knowledge of what the problem might be. If your provider is using the 'paid-for' version of ZCS then they have recourse to obtaining support form Zimbra (the company) and if it's the Open Source 'free' version then Community support is provided via these forums on a best effort basis.

Telling someone to read the answer in another post is not "hostile" and nor is this reply but, as I said, we are unable to help. Without any information the problem you describe is not fixable without access to the servers which we don't do but your provider can and should do that if you're paying for a service.


Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 7:27 am
by angelflow
Hello Bill,

Thank you for your informative and helpful reply and for taking the time to explain those things to me. As the email service provider I have charges for their service, I assume they would have access to the company support (I really wish I had access to them). The support for this email service I have is essentially completely useless. I suppose I should take my frustrations out on them, as if that would give me access to my email sooner...

For the record, I did not say that referring someone to a previous post for a solution was hostile--I said there was a hostile (or annoyed) feeling to some of the posts which did refer people to previous posts.

Anyway, I'm taking this to my email service provider. Sorry, I didn't realize this was just a community and not connected with the company itself.


Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 9:04 am
by phoenix
Not all companies that provide email services using ZCS are using the Network Edition (which is the paid-for version) which has Zimbra Support, some services use the Open Source version which h as no official support provided although these days they can purchase some support from Zimbra. These forums do have a connection to Zimbra (actually Synacor is the owner of Zimbra these days) in that they provide the forums that we use and, of course, the software. I hope you get that sorted promptly.

BTW, you could also try connecting to your Zimbra mailbox via IMAP in a 'fat' client such as Thunderbird assuming that your mail provider uses that feature. Would you care to share the name of your provider? There are also many companies using Zimbra that provide great service to small businesses and individual user and some even have servcie level agreements in place. :)


Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 7:04 pm
by angelflow
Well, the email service provider...I think it's called "Unseen" or That's the the end of the email addresses anyway.

I have been in their support section today and a lot of people are having the same problem and there is no tech support in sight. Several people, including me, are looking into better email options. The attraction of this particular one was that it is based in Iceland and has privacy laws and I think encrypted email. But people seem to be getting fed up with the lousy service and virtually non-existent support.


Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 7:42 pm
by phoenix
angelflow wrote:Well, the email service provider...I think it's called "Unseen" or That's the the end of the email addresses anyway.
Ah, they've been mentioned on these (and other) forums before with the same sort of problems and unfortunately, security & privacy doesn't mean a lot if you can't get your email. Good luck in your search for a new email service and sorry I couldn't be more help.