permission on folder /Sent

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permission on folder /Sent

Postby heno » Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:11 pm

Good afternoon, can users prevent them from deleting sent messages?

if i try to restrict access through:
zmmailbox -z -m test@my.domain gf /sent
"activeSyncDisabled": false,
"color": "defaultColor",
"contentSequence": 1,
"defaultView": "message",
"grants": [],
"id": "5",
"imapItemCount": 1,
"imapMODSEQ": 12,
"imapUIDNEXT": 260,
"imapUnreadCount": 0,
"isCheckedInUI": false,
"isExcludedFromFreeBusy": false,
"isSyncEnabled": false,
"isSyncFolder": false,
"isSystemFolder": true,
"itemCount": 1,
"name": "Sent",
"parentId": "1",
"path": "/Sent",
"pathURLEncoded": "/Sent",
"size": 935,
"subFolders": [],
"unreadCount": 0,
"uuid": "82559f03-0733-4229-8648-0be0e8f76fcd"

zimbra@mail:/root$ zmmailbox -z -m test@my.domain mfg /sent account test@my.domain rwix
ERROR: service.PERM_DENIED (permission denied: cannot grant access to the owner of the item)

maybe there is another way?

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