shared pop3 mailboxes

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shared pop3 mailboxes

Postby marikelis47 » Tue Dec 15, 2020 6:49 am

Hello, I'm new to Zimbra and I want, or actually my bosses really want, to do this:

add a number of external pop3 accounts, all inside a single 'technical' zcs account, but also make it so each one of the external accounts has its own separate folder structure [inbox/sent/trash/archive]

these external accounts use pop3 to keep a separate copy of all mail inside zcs (I dont want to use imap b/c I dont want to touch anything in the origin mailers.)

the external accounts have all a different identity associated [setting both From AND Sender]

other zcs accounts, used by individual people, must be authorized to 'send as', but also completely 'see' the external accounts [the authorized person must see every folder of every account, but with the proper structure, i.e. each inbox/sent/trash goes under the corresponding account name]

the 'seen' status of a message though must be per-user, and NOT shared otherwise when someone reads a message, all the others will not know that there is something they haven't yet seen..

What is an easiest way if it's possible at all? (Do I have to use the shared-mailbox-tousps tracking showbox speed test

Thanks a ton.

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