May have lost hundreds of emails due to running filter and moving

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May have lost hundreds of emails due to running filter and moving

Postby PrivaZimb » Sun Feb 21, 2021 11:25 am


We have Zimbra installed to our company's servers.

I may have lost several hundreds of incoming emails that were from over a long period of time. It may have happened as a result of trying to create a filter to move calendar event -emails to a folder from the Inbox.

This is how it happened
- I tried to make a filter so that all calendar invites like invitations and accepts would go to one calendar events folder.
- At first, I set the conditions wrongly, as I had also the "Invite is not replied" and "Invite is not requested" conditions on, which would mean practically all mails.
- I had the filter run on my Inbox-folder that has most of my emails (I have not tried to achieve Inbox zero -goal).
- The filter ran for a few minutes and several hundreds of emails were processed. As a result, it moved pretty much all the emails from the inbox-folder to the calendar events folder, because of my wrongly set conditions.
- I then tried to move all the moved emails back to inbox. I didn't remember any quick way to choose all emails from the several hundred rows, so I started scrolling and mass-picking the mails. In the middle of the process, I decided to test the "Move"-function, and chose those emails, and used the "Move"-function to move them to the Inbox-folder from the calendar events -folder.
- It did move those emails to the Inbox-folder, but I then noticed that the calendar events -folder became empty, and the Inbox-folder now only has maybe the same amount of emails that I moved there with the "Move" function. I cannot find the several hundreds of older incoming emails anywhere. With the search functionality, I can find emails that I have sent, but the search function cannot find any incoming emails from the Inbox-folder or anywhere else that are older than a year. There may be much relevant incoming emails that I need to find relating to customers and agreements.
- I checked the Trash bin, and the mails are not there.

It seems there is two possibilities, where this loss seems to have taken place:
1) During running the filter that moved all or nearly all the emails from the Inbox to the calendar events -folder
2) When I moved a set of emails from the calendar events to the Inbox (although it does not make sense that it would have destroyed the emails).

My questions are:
- What caused this?
- Is it possible to find those incoming emails somewhere?
- If they have been deleted, is there anyway to restore them?

I am grateful for all the help you may have to solve this situation!

With kind regards,

A Zimbra business user

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