Outlookconnector doesn't sync

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Outlookconnector doesn't sync

Postby 1247salu » Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:02 pm

One of our user's ZimbraOutlookConnector6.0.4 doesn't sync normally.
Zimbra Server: Unbuntu 6.06/Zimbra Network Professional 6.0.4

user's client: Windows XP Pro/Office2003 Pro
This problem happens intermittently.
Sometimes the Outlook(ZimbraOutlookConnector) seems not sync with server. Even user click "send/receive" in outlook, but there is no new email coming into Inbox in Outlook 2003. Login email account in Zimbra webbase page, there are new emails there. This problem only happens on this user's Outlook. Close Outlook, then open Outlook again, you will see new email coming into Inbox in Outlook. After that you will never see new email coming into Inbox in Outlook until next close/open Outlook. Don't know why.
Please help!

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