BES stops syncing

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BES stops syncing

Postby 15127Michi » Thu Jul 12, 2012 7:05 am

My BES stops syncing since the last three weeks suddenly.
When I look in BAS under manage users, I can see that some users "last contact date" is up to date, but I also see that many other users "last contact date" is NOT up to date.

I solved this problem by restarting the BB controller service (but all services are started and running), after 5mins of waiting all devices "last contact date" are up to date and the users receive messsages on their devices again.
When I look at the windows event viewer I see a lot of BlackBerry Router Erros with Event ID 10000:
SERVICE_RELAY_SESSION:S34164325:0x0064EA28] Service transaction not found. SERVICESESSION_TAG=4506913
And also in the BES MAGT logs:
Retry start for user:

Starting handheld for
MAPIMailbox::MAPIMailbox ServerDN=/ Administrative Group/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/ Private MDB,
{} MAPIMailbox::MAPIMailbox - OpenMsgStore (0x8004011d) failed,, ServerDN=/ Administrative Group/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/ Private MDB
MAPI call failed. Error 'N/A', LowLevelError 0, Component 'Personal Folders', Context 269287681
User not started
Nothing was changes on the system, there are currently 68 users running on BES 5.0.2 and BES connector 7.1.4

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