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Re: Outlook 2007 not able to sync with zimbra server

Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2016 9:24 am
by swimmer
Investigating further, I found this: ... re-notice/
All Local Failure Notices have been referencing the same ID so far.
I traced that to the first email in my inbox. I did delete the email (and emptied trash) via webmail, but now the ID in the Local Failure Notice just points to the next message in my inbox.

I also tried creating an outlook profile with the ZCS Connector on a different machine in the same subnet, and there everything works as expected.

Also I tried resetting outlook by deleting my profile and deleting outcmd.dat and re-creating the profile. This did not help.

I am lost now. Especially since it works from another machine and resetting outlook didn't work. Any help is appreciated.