Outlook connector always sends in behalf of, insead of "send as"

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Outlook connector always sends in behalf of, insead of "send as"

Postby jxrn » Tue Jun 27, 2017 9:19 am

Hi all,

we're using Zimbra 8.7.6GA with outlook connector for windows 7 x64.
I've added delegation rights for test-user(testnutzer@somedomain.com) to our info-mailbox(info@somedomain.com).
In the webapp, I can create a Persona and send mails as info@somedomain.com. The mail is delivered successfully to the recipients and shows the Address "info@someodmain.com" in the from field. This is the desired behavior.

However, if I use the outlook connector, the mail gets sent as well, but the recipients see "testnutzer@somedomain.com in behalf of info@somedomain.com". This is not the desired behavior.
I set the delegation rights to "send as" and not to "send in bahalf of".

I also enabled "send mail from every mailaddress" for testnutzer@somedomain.com, to see if it will fix this problem, but it did not. The setting only works for webapp.

I've compared the headers of mails which has been sent form webapp and outlook. I can see, that the mail from outlook contains another header. There is "From: info@somedomain.com" AND "Sender: testnutzer@somedomain.com".

How can I fix this problem? Our users would really like to use outlook but at this moment, they simply can't.

If anybody has any idee, please share it with me. Thank you!

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