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Cannot choose client cert auth when using private client cert

Posted: Tue Jun 27, 2017 5:56 pm
by Erik-NA
Have configured Zimbra to use client cert auth. ... rtificates

When creating my mail account in ZCO I use <mailserver>:<port>/certauth as Server Name, my email address and a random password (when using client cert auth the password is not used, but ZCO requires to input one).
When selecting OK or Apply ZCO presents a cert selector where I should select my private cert. But I cannot choose my cert, there is a message saying "No certificates meet the application criteria".

When accessing my mail in the webbrowser (Firefox, IE or Edge) it is working.

This is a bug posted,

Just wondering if anyone else have hit this bug? And if there is any solution besides waiting for ZImbra to fix it, which I have been doing since may.

Example, which criteria must a private cert fulfill in ZCO?

I'm stuck...