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Problem with connecting Outlook to Zimbra

Posted: Thu May 10, 2018 11:08 am
by DaveKramez
I would like to ask for help with Zimbra connector for Outlook.
Our problem is when you first start Outlook (Zimbra connector for Outlook has been installed already), you will see the table named: "Settings of configuration Zimbra server". We fill the borders "name of server", "email adress" and "password" right, but when we press OK, "authorization of Zimbra failed". It might be the problem with the next part of the table "connection setting" and there is written: "the connection to the server is OFFLINE".
We have Zimbra downloaded on the server and we are connecting to it by PuTTY and working with by browser at the
or IP: as a mail focused account under ADMIN
You have all pictures in attachment.