Delegates/Personas on Outlook

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Delegates/Personas on Outlook

Postby davide.dallago » Wed Feb 27, 2019 8:54 am

I'm currently using Zimbra server: 8.7.11_GA_2038 and Zimbra client: on Outlook 2013
I need to enable the "EMAIL_A" to be able to send email as "EMAIL_B" and Send ON Behalf Of "EMAIL_B" .

From the webmail of "EMAIL_B" under Preferences->Accounts->Delegates I added "EMAIL_A" and selected:
save a copy of sent messages to delegate's Sent folder and my Sent folder.

From the webmail of "EMAIL_A" i can correctly send as "EMAIL_B" and and Send ON Behalf Of "EMAIL_B" and the messages are correctly saved on "EMAIL_A" and "EMAIL_B" sent folders.

On outlook i've the following problem: (Account "EMAIL_A" configured in MAPI with zimbra connector )
When I've to write a new message i can only send as "EMAIL_A" and i can't choose "EMAIL_B"

In order to be able to send as "EMAIL_B", I added on the Zimbra tab of outlook a new personas called "EMAIL_B"

With this configuration, I've got 2 problems:
1) E-mail sent from outlook as "EMAIL_B" go only on "EMAIL_A" sent folder and not in "EMAIL_B" sent folder

2) From the webmail of "EMAIL_A" now i can send:
- as "EMAIL_A" (obviously)
- as "EMAIl_B"
- ON Behalf Of "EMAIL_B"
- as the new personas "EMAIL_B" created on Outlook

Did anyone else have the same problem? am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for the help

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