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BESe 5.0.4 and Zimbra Connector 7.2.1: BES Installation - stuck at MAPI settings

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 5:57 pm
by cjt20one
I keep getting stuck during my BES installation. I get to a MAPI Settings screen which I cannot advance past or skip and if I understand correctly I shouldn't even be seeing.
The documentation states two things relating to this:
1) Important: Do not install the combined MAPI/CDO prerequisite stated in

the BES product documentation, as this will conflict with the standalone

version of CDO installed in step 1 and prevent ZCB from working properly.
2) Ignore error messages the installer generates regarding the MAPI Settings

and/or MAPI libraries being used, as shown in the following screens. ZCB

uses a client-side MAPI, which is a different version than the server MAPI BES

5.x uses.

In regards to #1, I'm never prompted during the BESe installation to chose not install these prerequisites. How do avoid installing them? I do notice in the Prerequisite Checklist that the Exchange MAPI is not found (because Exchange isn't installed, of course). At no point during the installation do I get the "The computer and the MS Exchange Server that is named are not in the same resource forest..." as shown in the documentation.
Eventually my installation hits a wall at the MAPI Settings screen where it's asking for an Exchange Server and a Mailbox. I cannot skip this screen and I don't believe I should be seeing it.
Other info about my setup:

- Windows Server 2K8 R2, not a DC but joined to the domain

- Outlook 2007 SP3 is installed

- Zimbra is hosted (credentials are set, it connects fine during the Zimbra Connector installation)

- Local account is created with appropriate settings

- CDO 1.2.1 is manually installed
One other question - should the Zimbra Connector be installed when I'm logged in as the domain admin or when I'm logged in as the local BESAdmin account - I couldn't find clarification for this in documentation or on the forums. I tried both and it fails when installing as the local BESAdmin account. As a result, the mail profiles aren't created here which may be causing the issue during the BES installation. The BB mail profiles being in the domain admin's account probably doesn't do me any good. When I try to install the connector in the local BESAdmin account my Zimbra credentials come back as invalid, which I know is not the case. When I install the connector as the domain admin the credentials check out immediately.
Any tips? Thanks.

BESe 5.0.4 and Zimbra Connector 7.2.1: BES Installation - stuck at MAPI settings

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 2:37 pm
by monomac
make sure you pre-created Mail Profiles. You can read about how to make them in the Admin guide, on page 13.

BESe 5.0.4 and Zimbra Connector 7.2.1: BES Installation - stuck at MAPI settings

Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2013 7:45 pm
by Brad_C
[quote user="cjt20one"]

Any tips? Thanks.[/QUOTE]
Absolutely. Install BES 5.0.3. Read the forum posts immediately after this one on why BES 5.0.4 does not work.

Additionally :