Zimbra to Address Book field mapping / missing fields

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Zimbra to Address Book field mapping / missing fields

Postby steviestar » Mon Dec 10, 2007 5:28 pm

I'm continuing my test drive of Zimbra and continue coming back to it as likely the best option for Mac users wanting Mac friendly groupware, but there are a few issues that continue to irk me a bit.
In this installment.... When syncing between Zimbra and Address Book, many fields aren't mapped from Address Book to Zimbra. It appears in v. 5 that many more fields, such as URL, Birthday and assistant are mapped, but none of the other fields such as Spouse, ?friend or any of the custom fields are.
Will there be support for those extra fields at some point? It seems that custom info is preserved when sending someone a vcard from an Address Book. Is Zimbra working off some other format?
Along those lines (and perhaps pie in the sky), but will Zimbra have the ability to create "smart" type address groups similar to Address Book so that a single contact could be in multiple groups? It seems like the tagging feature in Zimbra could easily enable something like that. It would be even cooler if Zimbra tags could sync back to the AB.
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